March/April 2005

Chocolate Soldier

(Oscar Straus,
George Bernard Shaw)

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The Chocolate Soldier is the operetta by Oscar Straus from 1909 based on George Bernard Shaw’s play, Arms and the Man. The New York run of 296 performances was followed by a London run of 500 performances. The story depicts the follies of war and includes the songs: “Falling in Love,” “The Letter Song,” “Thank the Lord the War is Over,” and “Bulgarians.”

Libretto by Rudolph Bernauer & Leopold Jacobson
English Version by
Stanislaus Stange
Music & Lyrics by
Oscar Straus
Directed and Choreographed by
Thomas Mills
Music Director, Vocal Arranger
James Stenborg

With Julie Bell, Lauren Blackman*, Ryan Dietz*, Constantine Germanacos*, Paul Jason Green*, John F. Herget*, George S. Irving*, Morgan James*, Susan Lewis, David Perlman, Neva Rae Powers*, James Sasser*, Rena Strober*, Lisa Trader*, Tom Treadwell*

*Denotes member of Actors Equity Association

Producer Mel Miller
Casting Director
Stephen DeAngelis
Lighting/Stage Manager
Shih-hui Wu
Stan Pearlman
Post Card Design
James Babbin

Scenes and Musical Numbers
(Dragoman Pass, Bulgaria – 1885)

Scene 1 – The Popoff Residence - Nadina’s Bedroom
"We Are Marching Through the Night" Soldiers
"We Too, Are Lonely" Nadina, Aurelia, Macha
"We Are Searching for the Foe" Soldiers
"What Can We Do Without a Man?" Nadina, Aurelia, Macha
"Say Good Night" Nadina, Aurelia, Macha
"Melodrama" Nadina, Aurelia, Macha
"My Hero" Nadina
"Chocolate Soldier" Chocolate Soldier, Nadina
"Sympathy" Chocolate Soldier, Nadina
"Seek the Spy" Massakroff, Nadina, Aurelia,
Macha, Bumerli, Soldiers
Finaletto - Act I - Nadina, Aurelia, Macha

Scene 2 - The Popoff Residence - The Garden
The Fatherland is Free" Company
"Alexius the Hero" Nadina, Aurelia, Macha, Poppoff,
Alexius, Bumerli, Ensemble
"Never Was There Such a Lover" Alexius, Nadina

Scene 1 - The Popoff Residence - The Garden - The Same Time
The Tale of the Coat" Nadina, Aurelia, Macha,
Poppoff, Alexius, Bumerli
"That Would Be Lovely" Chocolate Soldier, Nadina
Finaletto - Scene 1 - Nadina, Aurelia, Macha, Poppoff,
Alexius, Bumerli, Ensemble
Scene 2 - The Popoff Residence - The Garden - That Afternoon
Opening Chorus - Ensemble
"Falling in Love" Alexius, Macha
"The Letter Song" Nadina
"Melodrama" Chocolate Soldier
"The Letter Song" (reprise) Chocolate Soldier, Nadina
Finale - Company

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