October 2004

(Cole Porter & Moss Hart)

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In 2004, Moss Hart’s centenary year, Musicals Tonight! is proud to revive his only collaboration with Cole Porter, Jubilee. The show’s “royal” characters want to abdicate so they can mix with the celebrities of the day such as Johnny Weissmuller, Noel Coward, and Elsa Maxwell. Songs include: “Begin the Beguine” and “Just One of Those Things."

Book by Moss Hart
Music & Lyrics by
Cole Porter

Directed and Choreographed by Thomas Mills
Music Director, Vocal Arranger
Rick Hip-Flores

Raymond Baynard, Jamie Buxton, Cindy Collins*, Michael Shane Ellis*, Keith Gerchak*, Leslie Ann Hendricks*, Kyrst Hogan*, Sebastian La Cause*, Melissa Lone*, Alison Mahoney, Chris Murrah*, Patti Perkins*, Justin Sayre*, Ed Schiff*, Julia Tilley*, Chris VanHoy, and Michael I. Walker*.

*Denotes member of Actors Equity Association

Producer Mel Miller
Production Manager Mark Rywelski
Lighting/Stage Manager
Shih-hui Wu
Casting Director
Stephen DeAngelis
James Babbin
Scenic Design
Stan Pearlman

Scenes and Musical Numbers

Scene 1: Throne Room of the Royal Palace
Our Crown - Ensemble
Feathermore - King, Queen, Prince, Princess
Why Shouldn’t I? - Princess
Scene 2: Café Martinique
Entrance of Eric - Eric, Ensemble
The Kling-Kling Bird - Eric, Ensemble
When Love Comes Your Way - Eric, Princess
Scene 3: The Municipal Park
What a Nice Municipal Park - Ensemble
Scene 4: Acme Motion Picture Theatre
When Me, Mowgli, Love - Mowgli
Scene 5: Café Martinique
My Lou-Lou - Ensemble
Begin the Beguine - Karen
Scene 6: Royal Palace
Scene 7: Eva’s Sitting Room

Good Morning, Miss Standing - Eva, Ensemble
My Most Intimate Friend - Eva
Scene 8: Swimming Pool
There’s Nothing Like Swimming - Queen, Ensemble
Scene 9: Karen’s Sitting Room
A Picture of Me Without You - Karen, Prince
Scene 10: Ballroom
Ev’rybod-ee Who’s Anybod-ee - Ensemble
Swing That Swing - Eva, Ensemble
Feathermore (reprise) - King, Queen, Prince, Princess

Scene 1: Feathermore
Sunday Morning, Breakfast Time - Ensemble
Mr. And Mrs. Smith - Queen, King, Prince, Eric
Princess, Karen, Eva, Mowgli
Scene 2: The Beach at Rockwell
Six Little Wives - Ensemble
Me and Marie - King, Queen, Ensemble
Scene 3: The Zoo
When Love Comes Your Way (reprise) - Princess
Just One of Those Things - Karen, Prince
Scene 4: Royal Palace
Our Crown (reprise) - Ensemble
Me and Marie (reprise) - King, Queen, Company

Setting the Stage for Jubilee

Jubilee opened at The Broadway Theatre on October 12, 1935 and ran for 169 performances. It starred Mary Boland as Queen of England and 14-year old Montgomery Clift as Prince Peter. The show closed prematurely because the star returned to Hollywood.

The 1935-1936 Theatre Season
Producer Billy Rose defines a Broadway Angel as "A guy who likes to wear a black hat and meet blondes" - that season, his angels lost $160,00 on his production Jumbo (230 performances) at his Hippodrome Theatre. Critic Percy Hammond wrote, "I find that I have knocked everything but the chorus girl’s knees, and there God anticipated me"

On Broadway: Winterset (195 performances) wins the NY Drama Critics Award; Porgy and Bess (124 performances); Mulatto by Langston Hughes (373); Dead End (684) introduced the Dead End Kids as well as Dan Duryea, Sidney Lumet, and Dane Clark; Boy Meets Girl (669); Victoria Regina (517); Ziegfeld Follies of 1936 (115); Idiot’s Delight (299) wins Pulitzer Prize; Orson Wells’ black Macbeth (56); Rodger’s and Hart’s On Your Toes (315); Leonard Sillman’s second New Faces (192) introduces Van Johnson.

The 1935 Film Season
50% of theatres show double features; average ticket price is $0.24; #2 at the box office is Will Rogers (he of rope trick fame).
Academy Awards: Mutiny on the Bounty;
Victor McLaglen; Bette Davis; John Ford; David Copperfield; The Ruggles of Red Gap (Mary Boland); Shirley Temple in The Little Colonel opens the Radio City Music Hall; Naughty Marrietta; Les Miserables; The Bride of Frankenstein; Alice Adams; Top Hat; Anna Karenina; A Night at the Opera; Captain Blood; A Tale of Two Cities; The 39 Steps; Pasteur.

The Rest of The World in 1935
Germany repudiates Versailles Treaty; Mussolini invades Abyssinia; Social Security Act signed by President Roosevelt;

Birthdays: (they’re 69) Diahann Carroll; Jim Dale; Julie Andrews; Jerry Orbach; Albert Finney; Elvis Presley; Richard Chamberlain; Dudley Moore; Gene Wilder; Roy Scheider; Woody Allen; Lee Remick

M = Matinees
2:30 PM
E = Evenings
8:00 PM
5 M
6 M, E
7 E
8 E
9 M, E
10 M
12 E
13 M, E
14 E
15 E
16 M, E
17 M

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