April-May 2006

Oh, Lady! Lady!
(Jerome Kern, P.D. Wodehouse,
Guy Bolton)

Oh, Lady! Lady! by Jerome Kern, P.G. Wodehouse, and Guy Bolton, was the second, and final, Princess Theatre Musical written (in 1918) by these three creators. The bridegroom’s old flame arrives unexpectedly on his wedding day and the nuptials are called off - but only long enough for a second act set in Greenwich Village to solve all. It romanticized the lives of aspiring theatre people and originally starred Ruby Keeler, Eddie Foy, Jr. and Jimmy Durante. Songs include: "Bill," "Not Yet," "When Ships Come Home," "Greenwich Village," "Little Nest."

Libretto by Guy Bolton and P.G. Wodehouse
Lyrics by
P.G. Wodehouse 
Music by
Jerome Kern
Directed and Choreographed by Thomas Mills
Music Director, Vocal Arranger
Richard Hip-Flores
Directed and Choreographed by Thomas Mills
Music Director, Vocal Arranger James Stenborg
Producer Mel Miller
Casting Director Stephen DeAngelis
Lighting/Stage Manager Shih-hui Wu
Graphics & Direct Mail Design James Babbin

With Amy Bils*, Christopher Corts*, Elizabeth DeRosa*, Maxime Alvarez de Toledo*, Katherine Harber*, Genevieve Koch*, John O'Creagh*, Megan Opalinski, Robyne Parrish*, Trip Plymale*, George Psomas*, Roger Rifkin*, Marc Schaeffer*, Eyal Sherf, and Jennifer Winegardner*.

*Denotes member of Actors Equity Association

Scenes and Musical Numbers

Living Room of the Farringdon Residence,
Roslyn, Long Island, NY, 1918
I'm To Be Married Today - Molly, Girls
Not Yet - Willoughby, Molly
Do It Now - Willoughby, Hale and Hudgins
Our Little Nest - Spike, Fanny
I Found You and You Found Me - Hale, May
Oh, Lady! Lady!! - Willoughby, Girls
The Picture I Want To See - Molly, Willoughby
Little Ships Come Sailing Home - Molly, Girls
Do Look At Him - Molly, Girls
Finaletto (including Bill*) - Girls, Boys, Molly,Willoughby

A Roof-Top in Greenwich Village, that evening
Moon Song - Boys, Girls
Waiting 'Round the Corner - May, Boys
The Sun Starts To Shine Again - Molly, Girls
Before I Met You* - Willoughby, Molly
Greewich Village - Spike, Fanny,Willoughby
Wheatless Days - Hale, May
It's a Hard, Hard World For a Man - Cyril, Hale,Willoughby
Dear Old Prison Days - Fanny, Spike
Finale - Company

* Songs cut from the original production

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